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Motivational Interviewing Training Workshops

Listening is the essence of MI practice. In the last MI Mini Bites I wrote about listening to our internal dialogues as we work with clients ... how these yet unspoken thoughts can shape our responses ... noting that vigilance to the arising thought of "you can't accomplish that ... you're currently homeless" can help us avoid forming a question or reflection in such a way that discourages the client's envisioning.

Lately I've been listening to my own internal dialogue, exploring my over 20 years on the rewarding path of being a trainer in MI, wondering to myself how I envision my ongoing work. A new video series with adolescents and young adults is progressing in conjunction with other MI trainers and you will hear as soon as the 4 part series is released! My reflections have mostly focused on how I want to teach and at the moment seem to form around continuing with very small workshops with an expectation of participants having done MI reading ahead of time. They'll be prepared with basic knowledge and we'll spend the time seminar style with many opportunities to explore how concepts fit in with actual practice ... so likely no PowerPoint and mostly discussion with a strong focus on our reactions and internal dialogue! Sound interesting? If so, let me know your thoughts via email